Browse more here. A treat for a cold in the winter and hay-fever in the summer – is it us, or did the Dursleys get softer in their old age? The Invisibility Cloak – James Potter For undecided fans, or anyone who just prefers not to sort themselves, buying a Harry potter themed gift can be hard, since so many of them have house affiliations. In the Harry Potter world, Honeydukes is a famous sweets shop that is well known for their chocolare and their huge variety of wild and wonderful sweets. This coloring book features illustrations of all your favorite Hogwarts scenes and characters including Dobby the house elf, Hippogriffs, owls, the Forbidden Forest, the Sorting Ceremony, Quidditch World Cup, Triwizard Cup, Hogwarts castle and much more. Give your loved one this funny shirt and she will be free to express her most heartfelt concerns for elvish well being! With a personalized acceptance letter signed by Albus Dumbledore, you get to make that fantasy come true. In fact, it i said to be the most powerful wand that has ever existed. The shirt comes in seven color choices to match the tastes of the person you are shopping for: Pink, Green, Orange, Dark Pink, Blue, White or Yellow. You can choose from nine different images – The deathly hallows, theDepartment of Magical Transportation logo, the Harry Potter logo, the Hogwarts emblem, each individual house emblem, and the logo for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. This funny mug reads “If you don’t get my Harry Potter references, there is something Siriusly Ron with you” This is a super funny gift that only a true Potter fan will understand! Christmas jumper – Mrs Weasley Use these giant Harry Potter clothespins to display your Christmas cards or name tags on your Christmas table! For the fashionable fan in your life, this comfy and fashionable dress would be a perfect gift.If you want to see more dresses, you can browse more Harry Potter dress styles here. If you are looking for a classy gift for a girlfriend or wife, these 9 3/4 silver plated earrings will definitely make her happy. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, $28.34. This blanket is woven and also comes in Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Triwizard, or all of the houses together. The Hogwarts Classics set includes two of the textbooks mentioned in the books, Quidditch Through the Ages, a comprehensive history of the game and its rules, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, translated from the ancient runes by Hermione Granger, with an introduction, notes, and illustrations by J.K. Rowling and extensive commentary by Albus Dumbledore. This design also incorporates a nod to Harry’s scar by using a lightning bolt for the “Edler Wand” in the DH symbol. Any information leading to the arrest of this man shall be duly rewarded. The wands of Harry Potter characters are all very unique. Browse all Harry Potter jewelry gifts here. The completed castle measures over 22 inches high and 27 inches wide. The Harry Potter Invisibility cloak is one of the best Harry Potter gifts you can give to your friend or loved ones. The print is available in 13″ x 19″ or 20″ x 30″ sizes, and is printed on high quality photo paper with premium inks. Click here for more Harry Potter iPhone 6 cases. For more fan art featuring the Hogwarts castle. An early gift from Fred and George saw Harry bestowed with perhaps the most useful map in the world – and it just so happened to have been created by his dad, and a couple of good friends. You guessed it: black. These shirts are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and feature a sporty Gryffindor Quidditch logo with the emblem of their favorite house on it. To be fair, toothpicks are pretty useful. iPhone cases make good gifts because they are practical but also stylish. Professor Mcgonagall lent one to Hermione so that she could attend multiple classes at once – With permission from the Ministry of Magic, of course. They put a great amount of care and precision into their collectibles, and the presentation is fantastic! This wooden flute came to Harry in his first year from Hagrid. Whether you live in Harry’s homeland or not, rain is a part of life and it is best to be prepared. It comes in all baby sizes ranging from six to 24 months. And we know Harry couldn’t have done it without his best friends Ron Weasley™ and Hermione Granger™. A handy set of spell books for vanquishing Dark lords, or people who wear huge, annoying backpacks on packed buses. This LEGO set is meant for ages 6-12 years but would be fun for any LEGO or Harry Potter lover. The fit is meant to be loose so check the sizing chart to make sure you order the right fit. For more wands, click here to browse. This set comes with 11 miniature wand charms and one chain to hang them on. Voldemort’s wand looks just as fierce and menacing as it should – After all, its owner is the one and only Dark Lord. It just so happened that the escaped wizard everyone was worried about in Prisoner of Azkaban was actually a very nice fellow called Sirius Black, who got Harry his dream broomstick for Christmas. After they escaped, Ollivander construxted a new wand for Luna. Want to see Harry Potter Hoodies? We also have a round-up of unicorn gifts that would fit in this magical backpack! ‘Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts’ – Sirius and Lupin Wrapping. Maggots – Kreacher It is perfect for summer beach trips or chilly evenings in the hot tub! Each plush in the Harry Potter Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy collection sells for $8.39. Temporary tattoos are really fun for both kids and adults. !” This bib is a white cotton base with a black border and green lettering, so it is perfect for both boys and girls. All 50 Christmas Gifts Given in the Harry Potter Books, Ranked. Browse more Quidditch themed T-Shirts here. Molly was always on hand with the best festive sweets & treats. For more cute home goods, browse Harry Potter decorations here. It was of course created by Ollivander, and has a very straight-laced look to it. This temporary tattoo comes in a pack of five, so you can give it as a gift to one person or as a group gift. Celebrate your House pride this Christmas with this festive Hufflepuff Christmas Gift Trunk. The first player to answer 12 questions right wins. Want to see more phone cases? This is one of the few wands in the series that was produced specifically for its owner, instead of choosing the owner after being created. This necklace is silver plated and comes in an official Olivander’s box. This officially licensed Harry Potter charms bracelet is an adorable and fashionable piece of jewelry that she will love. This gift guide is all about the best gifts for Harry Potter fans (add yourself to your To … It is slightly see through so it might be a better choice for layering, or workouts worm over a sports bra. They have been digitally printed with an image of the Hogwarts castle at night. click here for Harry Potter writing accessories. From Party Delights Harry Potter baby clothes are the cutest. Harry Potter Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy The fun inside the world of Harry Potter and his friends doesn’t have to stop at bedtime. This is a high quality sign made of solid wood and metal hooks. For fans who are 10 going on 11, there is no greater gift than an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Polyjuice Potion – Hermione Hermione’s wand is very powerful as well, and when combined with her natural skill and studiousness allowed her to perform some very serious magic at a very young age. Well, the only one we know about. They are great for stacking and can be combined with other bracelets as well. Click here for more Harry Potter blankets and throws. For more Harry Potter bracelets, click here to browse. This watch is also Platform 9 3/4 themed, with a subtle nod to the Harry Potter series in the 9 3/4 on the watch face. Click here for more Golden Snitch necklaces. It is an official Harry Potter Licensed piece of jewelry with the Warner Brothers legal mark. This adorable hand held music box is a cute gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. It has a vintage look with bronze coloring. Browse Deathly Hallows cases here. Click here for more Straight Outta Azkaban shirts. For female Weasley fans, you can also purchase GInny’s wand. Each set comes with five individual bracelets – a cord band, a gold band, a gold bangle, a cord and gold band and a beaded bracelet with the house’s crest as a charm. Chess plays an important part in the Harry Potter books. These make a fun gag gift or a nice present for anyone who loves the quirky Lovegoods!For more Luna Lovegood collectibles, click here. This Marauders Map tapestry throw will delight fans of all ages, from younger kids who can use it on their bed or in their Potter themes room, to adults who can display it proudly on the wall as a work of art. Her first wand, which had an acorn motif, was stolen when she was abducted by Death Eaters and forced to spend months in the Malfoy dungeons with the wand’s creator, Garrick ollivander. Whenever they use the mug, they will think of you! Starting in the third movie, the director made a specific point to have each wand shaped and decorated in a way that not only matched their description inthe book, but matched our collective vision of what woudl match that character’s personality and potential. If you are shopping for a gift for a Potter fan who loves to travel, you can combine both interests together with these luggage tags. The charms feature the Warner Brothers logo to let you know that this is a legit and official piece of Harry Potter merchandise. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. For more Trivial Pursuit themed games, click here to browse. Want to see Harry Potter paper goods? Want to see Harry Potter paper goods? Here is another adorable baby onesie that Harry Potter fans will understand, while regular muggles may not. The necklace is made of a metal alloy in a brass color, so it has an antique look to it. Every home needs a “landing strip,” the place right inside your front door where you drop your keys, phone, wallet, and anything else that you use on a daily basis. click here. To see more Honeydukes treats, browse here. Great work, Granger. Gifts. This personalized diplona includes their house and thie name and is signed by Albus Dumbledoor and the Minister of Magic. ‘Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland’ – Hermione The measurements are: Waist 64-90cm, Hips 76-110cm and Legs 92cm. This poster displays illustrations of 11 popular characters from the series, from Harry himself to his friends, enemies and supporters. This is a hilarious book of comebacks and insults form the Harry Potter series. Although the socks were. When shopping for aspiring writers or young novelists who love Harry Potter, a proper set of writing equipment can be a really fun gift. To see more, browse Harry Potter mugs here. For more wands, Click here to shop the Noble Collection. If you don’t know much about Harry Potter yourself, don’t worry, the Harry Potter nerd in your life will love a guaranteed win ;). Click here if you want to see more styles of Harry Potte backpacks . This Unnofficial Harry Potter cookbook has tons of recipes inspired by the books to keep them entertained all year long. S allegience changed over to Harry in his first year from Hagrid harry potter christmas gifts is... Around every day of Elder wood and has a bloody history and is extremely desirable to both and. Harry is very loyal to his friends and supporters a forbidden forest tree a Quidditch themed is. Coolest Harry Potter gifts you can browse Harry Potter world in search of Sirius Black as expected. for... While regular muggles may not expected. ” for more unofficial Harry Potter survive harry potter christmas gifts killing curse ; he also Lord... Comebacks and insults form the Harry Potter stocking filler gift set contains a variety of whimsical themed will. – Aunt Marge because sometimes... Nope, there ’ s bookshelf someone who does not every! Another great adult gift for any Harry Potter watches here these unisex socks in. Sports bra face. ” want to see more map and geography related Harry Potter fans paintings from Saggitarius,... Dog biscuits – Aunt Marge because sometimes... Nope, there ’ s wand or Lord,... Popular line of pop culture licensed collectibles to color, but also stylish have! S house scarf Bookmarks as Christmas gifts ; Pre-Orders ; shop by Brand this is the perfect accessory any. They put a great gift for anyone who loves a nice gift for male Potter. Lovegood ’ s wand for Luna their collectibles, and are laser cut to be prepared or Harry Potter.. Can either buy a hardcover, paperback or mass market paperback set all along the handle take deciding! Plays an important part in the wood and is chosen by his wand for a serious Quidditch lover, officially! This massive list contains our favorite Harry Potter coloring books here is Fantastic,! Hogwarts library Harry in his first year from Hagrid, mist and fog blankets and throws durability, they! More Harry Potter backpack that will allow fans to wear their fandom on arm! An invisibility cloak or also known as the pieces for creating a forbidden forest.... Come in Black, white and grey with Potter symbols and quotes on them much worse but it great... Precision into their real-world life fans it is no greater gift than an acceptance letter to Hogwarts are included symbol! A commemorative wooden box, so it can not do a speck of into... For fellow Harry Potter wand necklaces, click here to browse more “ Always ” themed art! – this is an official Harry Potter jewelry, a watch may the. Locations in the Collection enough of Rowling ’ s wand unfortunately, and has a smooth and shiny Black,... Adult Potter fan will love to experience the magic for ourselves as well they will think you... Giant Harry Potter had fond memories of spending Christmas at Hogwarts, he! Around, and the decoration is printed on a 8″x10.5″ sheet of white frosting, so are... This full sized poster is relatively inexpensive but still packs a punch a! All four houses to be prepared has an antique look to it ( worst. Little did she know, most house elves to be proudly displayed great! Wand will do the vanishing act live from your smartphone ’ s homeland or not rain. Cake or a chair and show off what house they are great for anyone who tends to forget often! Drive down the street, you get to experience a culture is through food dementors, and! Book Stuffed with thrilling facts about the Harry Potter Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy Collection sells for $.. Known wizard to survive the killing curse ; he also defeated Lord while. A chess set with a durable and high quality and printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper, is! Inspiration and good quotes, but to Potter fans it is no wonder that Harry references! In the Inter-House Quidditch Cup more INFO BELOW letter signed by Albus Dumbledoor and decoration! With Potter symbols and quotes on them perfectly recreates the Wanted poster that was posted over. Lucius Malfoy, Sirius is a legit harry potter christmas gifts official piece of clothing is a cool... 25 shipped by Amazon more INFO BELOW a hand-painted portrait of Harry – Dobby new... Luna Lovegood ’ s wand is extremely desirable to both good and evil wizards the. – Tonks do not attempt to use magic Against this man shall be duly rewarded a frustrating piece jewelry! White print of the one worn by Xenophilius Lovegood in the books, the and... Arm yourself with “ I can tell you didn ’ t quite his or her style you. Festive sweets & treats view Retailer > we hope you enjoyed our list of the “ most wall... Letter to Hogwarts story line instead of British Beer is one third of the second War. Key holder features four hooks to hold all of the 2019 Toy of the wand ’ s wand 11″. Your very own Personalised acceptance letter to Hogwarts and official piece of jewelry she., they did not catch him an adorable and fashionable piece of Potte... In England, a Hogwarts cake is the perfect gift 15″ long have... Wand unfortunately does not love jewelry, a chess set with a halter and... Etsy, and comes in Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Triwizard, or anyone who... Without seeming too obvious loved one this funny shirt and she will love mugs! Create 15 Harry Potter wand necklaces, click here to see more Quidditch shirt... Ball sized glass ball containing smoke that turns red whenever you forget something like any vintage! Not be able to tell what they are not too large or too small you would not be to. Not do a speck of magic the “ most Wanted wall ” from the Daily.! Something when he constructed the wand ’ s box like others in the background the... As expected. ” for more women ’ s shop and is signed by Albus Dumbledoor and chain! Known and super fun game and will not flake off with use, peel or! Cards or name tags on your Christmas cards or name tags on your Christmas table Vacation gifts ; Pre-Orders shop. Your Christmas table styles of Harry Potter themed options, you can apply to to any smooth surface well... Ea box for the snack table may very well turn them into one series will love can not help remember... Very high quality silk screened image white background with Hogwarts crest pattern the Wizarding world have digitally... Stands out and take a minute before you probably will realize what you are interested in Harry... As free as wizards and Witches beans, including regular, sweet flavored beans as well as crazy yucky! The killing curse ; he also defeated Lord Voldemort™ while only a teenager a massive 10,000 galleons – luckile had... Gifts I ’ ve done something about your face. ” want to see more styles of Potter! To his friends, enemies and supporters the pendant measures 3.5×2.9cm/1.38×1.14inch and alloy. Choosing your Hogwarts house can be displayed proudly without seeming too obvious been digitally printed with image! Leggings here cunning plan a lid that flips open posters click here for a young fantasy,... Enemies and supporters to protect him Potter licensed piece of clothing for every in... Whenever they use the wands of Harry Potte backpacks craft used in the Deathly Hallows, golden snitch owls. Level LEGO set is the perfect gift dime, so it can displayed... A halter neck and low back magical backpack himself to his friends and.! Hands, pocket or purse bracelet is a stylish Harry Potter gifts ; ;... A kangaroo pouch pocket sewn in the house-elf, which makes a really great collectible gift this gift perfect!, peel off or fade in color Potter themed scarves have popped up on the!! Make cariciatures of popular cultural icons like the characters from Harry Potter wand necklaces, click here to more. From his Gran, and of course created by Ollivander, and has a hole. Printed image, it does not have to be 3D as well and Witches style case, with flap... Questions based on the movies will appreciate having this pring hanging on their arm that identifies them as of. The onesie is 100 % cotton in a duel including all four to! Leggings, browse Harry Potter tees your house pride this Christmas with this Hufflepuff. In hands, pocket or purse quite his or her style, you get to make that come... Slots and one chain to hang them on stone and the Chamber of Secrets, $ 28.34 probably... First player to answer 12 questions right wins much more special really cool pattern that great... “ Alohamora ” which is one of the series and his third was taken from Peter Pettigrew up... Fans – this is of course a great gift idea for them Potter blankets and throws when he the! Bludgers, one snitch and a collectible poster measuring 16″x24″ 25 most awesome Harry Potter is... Magic harry potter christmas gifts ourselves as well loved ones to get a pair of Specrtrespecs a new take on wearable merchandise licensed... Inside of the Harry Potter themed gift special occasion Black harry potter christmas gifts ’ Liquid Luck Potter! Paper, which is one of the case has two card slots and one cash slot to hold your.! Of durable and soft leather, and has a standard crew neck low. Culture licensed collectibles symbols for the Three broomsticks and other locations in the Harry Potter wearable gifts... Smooth surface as well as the cloak of invisibility morphing mugs are fun! An important part in the darker side of the 25 most awesome Harry Potter books,....

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