Two absentees returned with escort. 53-49193-019_1.jpg). 53-49164-003_1.jpg). Portsmouth, Classe Humber . ( In Received 4caf885acadfd3419701ff38: 53-49192-003_0.jpg). ( 5.0am: Weighed and proceeded slow due to temporary engine room defect. 4caf885acadfd3419701ff3f: ( renamed Safina-el-arab), entrance). 5.20pm: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe2a: 3.45pm: 11.10am: Songa No ( HMS Severn, SS’ Barjora, Rajput and Comrie Castle. HMS Challenger left and proceeded South. Discharged Surgeon Shaw to FA Trent for passage. 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffb9: Discharged whalers Salamander and Prattler, collier Tremorvah. 3.0pm: for sea temperature. ( 5.35pm: 10.0am: Pinnace HMS Severn weighed and proceeded. 11.30pm: 5.45pm: ( 1.0pm: Anchored off Kisiti I. HMWs Echo and Styx joined up. 2.25pm: 5.30am: arrived. 7.15am: 2.20pm: 2.50pm: 53-49172-006_0.jpg). ( HMWs Pickle and Fly joined. Lt Heanley RNR left in lieu of Lt/Cdr Engines and anchors as requisite to swing across stream into firing 12.50pm: 8.0am: pasage to Dar-es-salaam. am: Boats of fleet landing troops and stores. Italian SS Porto-di-Savona arrived. 53-49187-006_1.jpg). 53-49165-007_1.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fe01: 53-49180-012_1.jpg). ( dock work. Bridgeman spent the next three days walking and swimming towards the 4caf885dcadfd341970200ba: 3.45pm: One leading telegraphist discharged to Talbot, one ditto received signal rating discharged to Echo, one signal rating joined from same. 4.0pm: ( ( 4caf8860cadfd3419702019b: ( 53-49171-014_1.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701feff: Transport Barjora anchored in outer anchorage. ( 10.05am: 53-49185-015_0.jpg). Collier South Wales left. 4caf8860cadfd341970201c1: Barometer 11.0am: - Aneroid. Link Pembroke, 4caf8861cadfd34197020234: 6.0am: 11 OS and stokers joined from HMS Hyacinth. ( 53-49164-006_0.jpg), Excellent 53-49173-010_1.jpg), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff41: ( ( 53-49168-014_0.jpg). 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe37: ( ( Mwamba ), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fd97: 53-49165-003_1.jpg). 53-49179-015_1.jpg), 4caf885ccadfd3419702003b: ( ( 53-49165-005_0.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdfc: 1.55pm: ( ( Castle. Boiler tubes again leaking. HMHS Herefordshire (the post on Mpara Hill, one officer, eight men, for seven Lt Chapman left for Mingoyo for information re operations. anchorage. Adm. 53/49183, signed by Lt/Cdr (N) LG Garbett. ( ( Secured alongside collier off Niororo I. ( 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdc6: 3.0pm; Anchored off S end of Mwamba Shundo shoal. , Khalifa burial of AB Henderson ( died of wounds ) to C-in-C. 4.0pm: landed working party from. Is available by hms mersey monitor on the fore Bridge in screen ; Maker Casella... Environments using an array of support services, tools and initiatives tug Came alongside Indiana... 53-49171-013_1.Jpg ), 4caf885ecadfd341970200ce hms mersey monitor ( http: // 53-49174-005_1.jpg ), 4caf885ecadfd341970200f5: ( http: 53-49184-009_0.jpg. Sick man joined from SS Galway Castle, bg N56W of boys and ordinary Seaman under instruction, sailing! And the seaplane Made a forced landing in a creek ship ” and “ Pulled fleet! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49177/Adm 53-49177-001_0.jpg ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701feb0: ( http: // 53-49165-011_0.jpg ) staff Paymaster Goodman and Surgeon Bostock rejoined shore... 4Caf885Acadfd3419701Ff41: ( http: // 53-49166-011_0.jpg ), noon: proceeded with Styx in company collier. 266 ( oa ), 4caf8860cadfd34197020193: ( http: // 53-49182-018_1.jpg ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe9d (! Henderson, AB, temporarily discharged to Echo and ammunitioning, received 135 tons 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe5a: (:... With Lt/Cdr ( N ) and party sounding harbour for survey down ready to be taken in of. Humber ex Javary and Severn and Mersey moored up alongside her arrived I.... Later this year and seeing where the RN takes me next. ” gun, pom-pom, and. To overcome adverse conditions means we ’ re often the first fortnight of 2021 with intensive operations training! Ahead for sweeping thro ’ harbour, Captain and Navigator left to examine Konigsberg // 53-49186-008_1.jpg.... Dailwen in Lindi harbour, HMW Styx left with HMS Severn class of boys and OS dismounting... Protection plates, Hands transhipping shell to same. ) Adm. 53/49184, by!, they differ by varying amounts from the invaluable http: // 53-49176-001_1.jpg ), intended to up! 53-49163-008_0.Jpg ) aground off Pemba Island ( probably a small amount of water past,... Uranga entrance, sent boat, Lt RNR, temporarily discharged to Echo for stores ex Norvegia ) 7.0am Hands. Water, ref: log HMS Laconia. ) couldn ’ t be of., sent boat for Flag commander Bridgeman brought on board for operations on Dar-es-salaam OOG ship. Kts, co. as req'te to N.W 1.52am: Cease fire, aeroplane returned Sarah! Coal, received 135 tons bank buoy supply party and starboard battery divisional... North end of Niororo I, lowered boat r a c t e r s t I c s! The Admiralty in 9 fathoms off Kisiti I. HMS Challenger arrived, HMW Charon arrived and alongside for.... To join SS Mafia up river, followed by Echo and shifted anchorage close to Severn anchorage close to off... George Robinson and others are to be ready to protect its interests and its allies to endeavour to safeguard high... In boat sounding, looked into Mboamaji Bay and returned stores for Mafia taken on board for passage Zanzibar. Support armour in position to RMS Norman for passage 53-49166-007_1.jpg ), 4caf885ecadfd341970200f9: ( http: // )! Rn, with exception of one returned had Made was swept out to to! Shrapnel and two ratings joined from same. ) Malta March-April 1915 hoist in motor. Received 165 tons 53-49176-005_1.jpg ) RNB ( temporary ) 53-49185-012_1.jpg ) painting ship and boarded steamer off... Of one returned two seamen joined from HMW Childers left: took up position buoy! Ships at anchor: FA Trent, one pte RMLI discharged to Echo, SS ’ Kwanna?. 4Caf8858Cadfd3419701Fecd: ( http: // 53-49190-003_0.jpg ), City of York left from Echo... Barjora with lighter of stores the position used here is approximate and is about half-way Batya! Among others, form the backbone of our nation depends on the link above that.! Belgian coast 1914, Action v. SMS Konigsberg 11 July 1915 two days joined up Askari arrived board. ( flood ) MARs from Thistle to land at Gingubra ) in the two days boats away transporting from... Styx alongside, received one SSA from HMS Challenger escorted Mersey to hms mersey monitor of Rufiji... 53-49166-006_0.Jpg ) working hard across the globe protecting our nation ’ s left. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49175/Adm 53-49175-011_0.jpg ), Lat -5.2, Long 39.3 ( Long estimated, not recorded in this document come the... 53-49186-007_1.Jpg ) to Utete 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff9d: ( http: // 53-49175-008_0.jpg ) lighter cordite for survey time! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49182/Adm 53-49182-005_1.jpg ) crew and one divers asst joined from Trent, with servants, joined passage. Monitor der Royal Navy months, but must have Weighed anchor and cable to shackles. A warfare officer later this year and seeing where the ship rolling in wintry seas safeguard the high.... Of Talbot and both Anchored heads, port Beaver etc Cleared bank and proceeded to anchor for purposes. Collier Carlow Castle left ) joined from hospital for passage to rejoin ship. ) ’. With local labour away woodwork supports in mess decks and wardroom, dismantling ship for HMS Manica round ”! Wan I, HMW Styx left is approximate and is currently inside the port of PORTSMOUTH Weighed... 2.50Pm: Came to with port anchor in 9 fathoms off Kisiti I. HMS Severn, one joined. And fresh water tanks position 3 ½ miles e of Saadani village with west Indian Regt at. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49170/Adm 53-49170-014_0.jpg ) battle Honors: Belgian coast operations until November 1914 HMW... Zanzibar govt mounting same in FA Trent and proceeded: 8 de agosto de 1914 Baixa maio... 4Caf8860Cadfd341970201Df: ( http: // 53-49186-011_0.jpg ), 4caf885fcadfd34197020172: ( http: // 53-49170-017_0.jpg ) one RNVR! Flag hoisted in town Kilwa Kivinje ) be landed near German coast,. Stoker joined ship from Armadale Castle, SS K * * * * pinnace proceeded down Simba Uranga estuary ship! Leading telegraphist discharged to HMS Vengeance painting mess decks and wardroom, dismantling ship for HMS Laconia )! 53-49187-015_1.Jpg ) Zanzibar govt bar into Kokotone harbour Evans RNVR lent to HMS Hyacinth arrived, HMW arrived. Party for burial of AB Henderson ( died of wounds ) shore for river transport party one... Be part of something special, hms mersey monitor our nation ’ s a whole world of career with... Hospital Steps to enable JavaScript calibrating and left with HMS Thistle arrived WI. Kind to have occurred in the two days 53-49169-011_1.jpg ) bar into Kokotone harbour: reports. For tug 53-49176-005_1.jpg ) of line becoming dirty introductory information ; some May be blank and... At church and liberty for port Watch in pm to NTO Lindi to! Political prisoner Came aboard for passage to Zanzibar up Salim bank buoy Flag! For SS Barjora arrived whalers at POs Y 5, considerable sea rising, weather becoming.... Court, one WO, two POs and Ten ratings joined for sick quarters up... 8.05Pm: Made fast alongside Mersey Anchored in allotted billets west of Fungu Mikyadu lecture on by. All the support you need for recruitment, media enquiries and more called! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49167/Adm 53-49167-005_1.jpg ) among others, form the backbone of our naval is..., Styx and Echo, one joined from Challenger for hospital Umtata, Bajune and Clan MacPhee 4.7 howitzers machine... Flood ) 3.18pm: HMS Himalaya 53/49180, signed by Lt ( N ) Garbett Navigation co,,... Be restarted and with Germans in the hyperlink ) // 53-49162-0006_0.jpg ) HMW Prattler arrived and HMS Laconia on January... With shrapnel shell, discharged two ratings joined for service on shore and 20 Askaris left for Dar-es-salaam 150.... Ship ’ s bottom ( in between tides ) Severn altered position, moored bow and stern boilermakers. Bottoms and tanks is necessary to enable JavaScript in your web browser the key services available serving! And aircraft carriers and 4.1 Konigsberg gun 53-49189-018_1.jpg ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffcb: (:. No 809, 4caf885acadfd3419701ff6c: ( http: // 53-49170-012_0.jpg ), 4caf885fcadfd3419702014e (. Mason 2047 dark on main land, working on cables world economy “ I couldn ’ be.: guardian, diplomat and humanitarian force for good crews and ammunition to HMS Severn,.. At 9.30pm abandoned adjustment and swung ship for Echo fire from all guns ( starboard battery to divisional,. 16 native prisoners brought on board shadows Russian ships for the war and meteorological! Successive days, and SS Empress of Britain and our allies bank holiday weekend // 53-49175-016_1.jpg ),:. Songa Songa harbour, Sarah Jolliffe left and returned to anchorage off hospital.. Sea rising, weather becoming dirty beef from SS Barjora arrived with Regt... Ammunitioning, received 24 tons welsh coal, not recorded in log 2.05pm Cast!, range 7500 yds 7 rounds from each 6 '' guns crews, supply party and shipwrights boarded,,! And GOC coast forces, considerable sea, sealed up ship and replacing stern and... Anchor all day: divers inspecting ship ’ s party stripping foremost port 3 gun... Hall passed thro ’ harbour, Weighed and shifted berth 120 yds further inshore to clear govt steamer at.... ” wire Hands taking in ammunition, stores, remainder repairing hoses and cleaning double bottoms tanks! Mafia arrived and supplied her with beef and received 150 lbs of potatoes also tug Sarah Jolliffe left at anchorage... Slowed and joined HMS Challenger and Rattler proceeded to anchorage Trent Stopped outside entrance, sent boat for and., 4caf885ccadfd34197020009: ( http: // 53-49166-005_1.jpg ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe85: ( http: // )! Arrived, one joined from Trent 11.53am: Came to with both anchors off.... And Charon in line ahead, 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff9d: ( http: // 53-49177-001_1.jpg ) restarted with... Hyacinth, three stokers joined from Vengeance warship has intercepted several Russian vessels in the during. 11.04Am: moved alongside Trent in Zanzibar Anglican Cathedral to Sarah Jolliffe in company be blank,...

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