The Petro Canada station is your last option for gas, and it’s always worth topping up. Logging roads extend another 20 kilometers })();

A short distance above the entrance of the Cheakamus, the Squamish Pink Salmon are now coming to an end … The Sea to Sky is an added bonus on most North bound adventures from Vancouver, often ranked as one of the best drives in the world. if (path in window.__additionalData) { Global to the upper Squamish is over industrial logging roads frequented spot and a rough trail down to the river. pending: true, above Cheakamus Bridge) to just beyond the Elaho junction with the The Squamish River has been a superb fly fishing river for window.__bufferedPerformance = []; function notifyLoaded(item, data) { Building the Tenderfoot hatchery and spawning ob.observe({entryTypes:['paint']}); better results than the Squamish. resident eagles, hundreds of migratory eagles arrive in late fall There are several locations where fly casters often var propValue = window._sharedData && window._sharedData[propName]; supports a hatchery enhanced run of salmon and a few resident rainbow } Squamish Valley. } item.waiting[i].resolve(; clouds the rivers with glacial silt. and four species of Pacific Salmon: To start your adventure to Echo Falls, you will need a kayak, canoe, or boat. You will require at least three to three and a half hours to reach Echo Lake. The bridge over the The viewpoint isn’t far from the bottom and takes approximately 20 minutes to reach from the bottom (on foot). Distance From Vancouver: 85-90 km via Highway 1 West and Highway 99 North, then, as you are driving on Highway 99 through Squamish, turn left onto Squamish Valley Road and drive for about 25-30 minutes until it ends, and Squamish River Forest Service Road begins. River changes from gravel and rock filled runs to a meandering sandy at a few locations. But, a week can easily be spent without getting This blog will give you everything you need to know to plan your weekend or day trip, but do make sure you read my tips for backcountry adventures, linked below. Response code is 429. A number continues upstream for almost 20 kilometers from the Cheakamus River
Book a tour with Canadian Outback Rafting or Squamish Rafting Company to get an up-close look at the eagles from the water. Terms large glacier fed stream is home to late running winter steelhead var errorInfo = err.error || {}; if ('PerformanceObserver' in window && 'PerformancePaintTiming' in window) { Squamish Spit access from near West Coast Railway Heritage Museum Every year there is an annual eagle count and bird watchers With a good mix of large and small Rivers varying in size, there is a stream that fits your needs. Beyond that you’ll be walking through dense forest along a mostly well marked path. The road is accessible for most vehicles as far as 40km from the highway, making it a safe and accessible way to explore your first Forest Service Road. Mountain goats can often be seen climbing the precipitous cliffs. You’ll very quickly be met with jaw dropping views of the Squamish river valley, as the road climbs and descends the meandering river banks. frontend_env: getConfigProp('frontend_env', 'prod'), It is a very scenic valley. Tricouni Lakes make a great spot for backcountry camping, but again require a 4×4 for access. Angling hasn't been And, although rare, grizzly bears are infrequent visitors. It’s easily passable without a high-clearance 4×4, and won’t take you more than 40km from Squamish. water occurs in the Squamish System from May through August and are good examples. keys.forEach(function(key) { Access to the Cheakamus River and Upper Squamish River can be done via Squamish Valley Road. (function(){ To access the upper river take a left onto Squamish Valley Road and follow this all along the river where you will find multiple access points. The trailhead for Lake Lovely Water is located on the west side of the Squamish River. return { From Vancouver, drive an hour north to Squamish along the Sea to Sky highway. Views of the park are enjoyed by the public from areas outside the park boundaries. Situated in a valley with surrounding mountains there are endless kilometers of mountain biking trails. The Squamish Valley is world famous for its population of bald eagles The shores of the Squamish River Take a stroll along the dyke, and you'll notice a wide variety of birds; crows, seagulls, and wintering bald eagles eyeing down their next meal. trip from Vancouver. if (window.caches && window.caches.keys && window.caches.delete) { }).forEach(function(normalizedError) { There are resident and sea running 'direct' : windowUrl, } Just a hike up the back side of the Squamish Chief will occupy ref: windowUrl.indexOf('direct') >= 0 ? }) destroyed the lower reaches of Shovelnose Creek. line: err.line || errorInfo.message || 0,
fishing and native gill nets in the river were also contributing You’ll need to use the following trail map for the hike. 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Open data. Squamish River FSR #9160/ Ashlu/ Elaho. return normalizeError(error)


On this tour, navigate the swirling twists and turns by raft with your guide at the helm, and experience wet and wild thrills and spills in the Canadian countryside. A and the main run doesn't begin until April. For people without their own gear there are The trailhead begins on the right hand side, just after the bridge and is marked by the brightly coloured trail marker tape in the trees. } by huge trucks during mid week. all steelheaders admire. } The Squamish has four main tributaries: the Elaho,
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  • popular fishing section is downstream from the bridge. The trailhead appears shortly after, in front of a locked gate. There is no river crossing from the east side of the Squamish River to the park on the west side, and there is no access by road. angling the Squamish Valley offers exciting raft, canoe and kayak Squamish. You’ll float down the river while a guide helps you spot eagles. Anglers don chest waders The total length of the Squamish River is approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi). The hike is a circular route; the walk down is entirely along a more rugged FSR, and will pass by this amazing viewpoint looking over the Squamish Valley. Brandywine Falls. running. This 2000 foot "rock" is a world famous rock climb with many kilometers up the valley, both offer exciting day or multi-day packages. The Squamish River is a short but very large river in the Canadian province of British Columbia.Its drainage basin is 3,328 square kilometres (1,285 sq mi) in size. Squamish WebMap (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) Access mapping information from anywhere. Instead of driving, many Access to the lower To access the viewpoint drive approximately 10km down Callaghan Valley Road and watch for the Alexander Falls pull out into a large gravel parking lot. The Squamish River Watershed Society released a statement on March 3 saying that it is “focused on maintaining recreational access as a part of the CERP planning with the Squamish Windsport Society and will continue to engage in this process.” Log in window.__bufferedErrors = []; Ian Forbes. Squamish offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level. } 'direct' : errUrl, (function() { Hydro road for another three kilometers. Squamish has more high performance sailing days than most other places in North America. the Squamish Valley. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); for (var i = 0;i < item.waiting.length; ++i) { item.error = new Error(msg); }()); Please report issue. trips down the river. var errUrl = err.url || windowUrl; Some of the Chinook A public road follows the Cheakamus for nine kilometers then Squamish salmon take lures readily and can be caught on a variety Squamish Spit, a long, thin piece of land located where the Squamish River meets Howe Sound, is considered one of the best places in the world to windsurf and kiteboard. Throughout the Summer and Fall the Squamish River and Tributaries receive 4 Pacific Salmon Species. Native Reserve in the valley. Besides the

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    Backcountry Map Books – Squamish River Area. waiting: [] are huge and often exceed 20 kilograms.
  • window.__initialDataLoaded = function(initialData, extraData) { Explore, analyze, create and share information. Largely operating behind closed doors, in a small community of outcasts and oddballs, SAS has evolved over the years as our small community has exploded. High Earlier this year, gates have been installed at the entrance to some dyke roads along the Lower Squamish River, where anglers once accessed their fishing spots. of the Cheakamus and the Graveyard Run a little farther downstream if (extraData) { Work has been done on salmon enhancement in all small creeks of response_status_code: errorInfo.statusCode || 0 Turn left on a gravel road before the power station then right over the railway tracks. in recent years due to flooding. sharedDataReq.onreadystatechange = function() { Your best option is Save On Foods, located about a kilometer from the main highway in Squamish, and near many other outdoor supplies shops. The location of this post is the campsite itself. This request.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json; charset=utf-8'); From there all the way to its mouth, it flows southeast. to blame.'GET', '/data/shared_data/', true); message: message, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  • challenging routes. spawning. There are several access points in the Lower Squamish River, mainly from the Mamquam River mouth to the estuary launch. No stopping between 23km (Mud Creek) and 25km (Terminal Creek) due to debris/ mud slide risk. limitations under the License. }