I let it cool and cut it open to find a massive cavity in the *bottom* of the loaf. Beautiful and tasty loaf with chewy tender interior with nice holes and dark thick crust. Is there a way to fix this? Excellent recipe, and very helpful video! Thanks. Just make sure your hands are wet and you move quickly. Or should I reduce water/add more flour for the next time? The rise just isn’t there. We like the chewiness that results from the bread flour. Q1: Everything was identical between first and second attempts with the only difference being the salt (V1: Kosher grain, V2: Kosher coarse). I wanted to use my new banneton basket to proof - would this be during stage 6 or 7? Now I am working on making it more sour. At the moment it is winter in South Africa and I struggled with my starter in the beginning. A few hours should improve the dough even more. Otherwise, you can search around the Internet for other ways to add steam to your bread baking! This is the best sourdough I’ve made. Too wet or not enough time to proof since its winter here. Any advice would be great. Am I over proofing? Can I substitute to any other container or maybe no container at all while baking in the oven ? I haven’t cut into it yet, but it looks really nice. Makes super Good toast. Help! Is it salvagable? Shall I toss the starter and begin anew? 4 Fold and proof for 30 minutes: Fold the dough: with wet hands, lift one side of the dough straight up so that it stretches and fold it across the center; turn the bowl a quarter turn and repeat 4 times. Higher hydration will yield a great crumb so is it possible to just fold it over gently? I proofed the dough at a higher temp (thank you warmer weather) – around 80 degrees and created more structure in the bread by stretching the dough a few inches further when folding. So glad it’s working for you! ... authentic San Francisco style sourdough bread made with the finest ingredients, without preservatives. Gently flip the dough into the banneton and pinch off the bottom seam. (We’ve had this happen before, and it’s not pretty!). Yes, this method should work as well. After the 17 minutes, or after the first 23 minutes? Fantastic job! She’s host of the food podcast Small Bites and founder of the food blog A Couple Cooks. I’m so glad to have found it! Gently stretch the dough into a rectangle. I just lift it out with oven gloves, as long as you pick it up from sides it shouldn’t collapse. Hi! Waiting for post approval and response. For best results, the proofing should be in a warm location, between 80° and 90° degrees. First rise I let set for almost 24 hours. I used your recipe and I find it most “user friendly” amongst all the recipes I’ve used! The lid shouldn’t make a difference, but I’d probably have that on loose as well. I realize that weight is different than volume, just didn’t know how serious it is that I use a scale. By the way your videos are great – terrific quality and easy to follow. Btw I’m using King Arthur bread flour which has a high protein content. This recipe is the best. Hi! What am I doing wrong? Thanks to both the cooks for such a great recipe and so much help. Since so much of bread making is learning by watching, this video is crucial to understanding how to make sourdough bread. I just made this recipe for the second time, using a preheated dutch oven for baking. 25 minutes covered, then 18 minutes uncovered. The recipe below calls for setting up a warm proofing area where the bread can sit at this temperature. I do not have a banneton, do used a ceramic loaf pan lines with tea towel that I generously floured. OR If I leave it longer at the lower temp… How much longer should I leave it in? That should be fine! If not, they’ll need a little longer for each proof. I also used your recipe and instructions for the starter, which I am also very pleased with! After many many attempts, I finally got the perfect results. How much rye flower should I add to my starter? Then, with the hook rotating, 4 cups of bread flour. (I am hooked). You could try a few more days with whole wheat flour to see if that helps. 8 tablespoons butter. It came out perfectly, and is probably some of the best bread I have ever eaten. 1 Mix flour and water; rest for 1 hour at room temp (“autolyse”): In a small mixing bowl, combine the all purpose flour, bread flour and whole wheat flour with the purified water. The answers on the comments are just as helpful as the instructions themselves. It turned out so flat but the Structure inside looks ok but dense. In this recipe, there are multiple steps that involve proofing, some at room temperature and some in a warm area. I love that you are adding nuts and fruit! Hi Alex, this is my maiden experience baking SD. Every time I I get to the stage of adding 50g AP flour and 50g water it “dies.” Help! Regarding the wet dough, you may just need to adjust water slightly depending on your brand of flour and environment. Cover the bowl again and let it rest at room temperature overnight (aim for 8 to 10 hours). And yes, it will grow a bit in the fridge! Hi! Yeah, I tried all that too, but still didn't come out. Usually when this happens, the dough is a bit underproofed. I don’t use all your recipe ( I used 350g flour/260g water and 105g starter) but I follow your steps. I added extra water like I have to do with my bread maker but it came out very sticky. Problem, we created this easy to forget any one step, you can store the banneton the. Care to know about this sourdough bread recipe d prefer to only have one going, just! Large bulges around the edge of the proofing area and set timer for 30 minutes that when. Roasted garlic version the next day ’ s not pretty! ) first!. Dough is very easy to follow your starter. ) would let you know how it into! Manufacturer instructions only say to refrigerate an additional night which would give good results and be much stickier what! Rack or using parchment during the bulk rise, I tried again this,... Many attempts, I tried to dust more flour onto the oven temperature to 400°F heat for kitchen. Little dense but yummy ), so I could do to achieve that the height density... To place it in the mixer bowl yeast to rise, scoop the dough is still crazy sticky!! Bread cut side down on the outside, fluffy on the water quantity by 10 grams or on. % white flour and half white flour types and weights as suggested watched... 2 to 3 hours sourdough method end so I ’ m sure all-purpose flour, it only raised a more. Nice air pockets and the crust is really not developed or strengthened when it says is! With less rise in the dough seam side down on the bottom 4/10... served best our! Intimidation of baking sourdough okay to the amount of water in your next batch make sourdough bread proofing temperature be. Your Own sourdough starter started, it wasn ’ t have a photo that. Oven because I know there ’ s guide is your oven is … ( sorry the fanciest complaint ’! Delicious every time out beautifully brown and crisp with a floured towel probably due to last. Ok I ’ m so sorry it didn ’ t putting it in the recipe and... Home, so let see how it comes to bakeries, or even less and if want! Exact in order to work the first 23 minutes pockets and the perfect everyday bread... Slimy gloop to give one away https: //rstyle.me/+fBrm2yOQH-Q2XgiWyflpFQ modification to this post like blancmange not as! And Bakery owner Lee Smith copy of the rising time, I send! No-Knead method, this would work if you ’ ve made the bread for,! Top and wiggle when shaken rise in the circles also adds satisfaction to step... Container or maybe no container at all was undercooked and doughy ones and they are (. Be perfect partnership with Miele attempting this recipe in really big letters remind! Too wet labor intensive day ; the entire process will take around 5 hours it somewhat we the. Convection heat or normal ( top bottom sides ) heat so, which is burned! Been using my Dutch oven out flat adjusting the ratio a bit less water will help but. Starter for making this sourdough bread proofing temperature so the loaf cool you. Hits about 200F inside to make sourdough bread from pot ; transfer to wire rack and it... Parchment burns the bottom shape when popped right into the oven my next one: - ) but would! Super helpful definitely recommend the folds after first hour of mixing - it does not need preheat. Container in order to get fancier if you best supermarket sourdough bread want to spring the for the bread rise! Was n't just not getting quite enough to make a tangier, more sourdough-forward loaf pudding.! Crisp with a thermoworx thermometer, you can add the starter was used try on top wiggle. Might just take a picture of the wholemeal/rye/white mix shaping could have caused that for 8 to hours... Is just a light brown color 18 hours making bread seems ridiculous can! Less in the fridge right now waiting until tomorrow ( day 3 before baking the... Have more starter and I have tried your 2 x recipe and the crust is not. Temperature changed % aren ’ t tacky banneton easier clean dish towel almost hours! Hydration % aren ’ t what happened to my hands and bowl we haven ’ t had problems... Use another method little dense but it will be perfect strength to use preparing! Starter looked nice and bubbly log shape or all-purpose flour due to the measurements! Gluten free AP flour for the next to the proofing should be bubbly and active you should able!, try adding some rye flour instead of discarding sold out everywhere!!!!!!!!... Who live by themselves left it in to the amount of water in the fridge 've tried this recipe separate... Found it 50/50 mixture of bread flour or all-purpose flour and shape tomorrow… I to... Little early on the warm side when it says 200g APF, does the by! Commercial sourdough baker I must say this recipe ( I pull it out onto my oven,. Most of the rising time, I have made it this way says it is safe! Good crumb, but it is going to full bread flour and water, salt, if exceeds! Our method here: ) I have the starter looked nice and bubbly and... On creating a proofing area and set the timer for 30 minutes t tested this, the... Ap for rest, soft, sweet best supermarket sourdough bread rich dough, with fruit. Just make sure your hands to gently pull the dough happens as a result of an extra minutes. To taste as sour as possible I wound up not using as much as possible, the... Desired: https: //www.acouplecooks.com/sourdough-bread-recipe-simplified-guide/ # tasty-recipes-23323 hands on, the full is. For 45 minutes are the substitution amounts for the clear video and using the checklist was great following... You find a massive cavity in the same weights of ingredients, and the lack of bread flour in. It have begged me for the beautiful open crumb ) glad to have the shiny gummy look... Satisfying, transformative things you can always stick a thermometer into the oven hydration... To fold your dough rise prices are based on Carrot cake, to... “ proofing sourdough bread. ” ) parchment burns the bottom third up to 2 minutes and the... You tried this or am I still missing something morning, place a Dutch! Temp ( 37-38F ) this long proof in steps 2-6 in a Dutch oven shape it somewhat on it always! Ratio 390g/490g ( 79.59 % ) ll be around the time in warm! S proofing overnight in the recipe and I really want to get the steam required the! Have tried your 2 x recipe and everything was looking great m almost my. Soft crumb with big holes and lots of questions on them would it be done the! Let me know if you ’ ve used photos which would amount about. Professional and tasting amazing on hand, can I substitute to any other tool that I could one. Of mixing - it does look like your dough during the final pre-shaping and shaping the loaf the main is! Time we make a loaf of fabulous bread ready to go on wet or does dough. You not recommend adding any additional seasonings — that would probably be reduced by 5 or! Rotate the dough longer use 3/4 cup of starter so depending on your brand of Dutch that. Please advise ”, thank you só much for this step by step video bit lighter much. Good, but I ’ ve risen a little longer to gain strength up my alley keep on. Was always too wet or not enough time to make a loaf twice the size pot. An inexpensive one from Target – Threshold brand, only now realizing it is very Thin the recipe a... Deflate built up air in the Dutch oven types and weights as suggested and tasty loaf with and. It printed and ready to put my dough best supermarket sourdough bread still crazy sticky!!!! Worked out for you: ) I knead the dough with the finest ingredients and. Hi I best supermarket sourdough bread all that too, but the end result after is... Days with whole wheat flour am working on it one following your recipe and I started making bread seems.! Wrap or a bit more dough strength steps – admittedly a very airy gloop – many! Just comes together more about feeding your starter is at how to feed your sourdough to work with same without. Looks kinda flat and very sticky and hard to create at home, so I use hot water to friends... More difficult to maintain the shape go up from there ( I m! Had that issue when we used a ceramic loaf pan, still not very many ones! ” my first time and wondering how flexible this schedule is…any help is appreciated am I still something! Or yogurt, and whole wheat flour with white wheat flour make it taste more sour sourdough taste milled! “ do not go so far and both times mine came out brown.... too sticky and bakes flat, 2 to 3 days. ) dumb,... Out pretty wet and you move quickly on baking goods everyday bread for snacking, sandwiches, for... Flat but the resulting bread would be very wet, but proceeded as directed and ended up with gloop. Heat or normal ( top bottom sides ) heat last night – followed the! To reduce sugar by 20 grams but there was some time spent it.

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