* Lycra. Triathlon is first and foremost an aerobic endurance event, even at the sprint distance. Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Healthier You. What is the order of a triathlon? Choose close-fitting Lycra kit to avoid chafing between the … As a triathlon beginner, we recommend starting with a sprint triathlon (generally a If you don’t know, already, a triathlon can take you either under an hour or over 15 hours to complete depending on the distance format. Beginner to Olympic Distance in 22 weeks. At trifind you will find all you need to best prepare yourself for your next race. Now here are some beginner triathlon training plans to get you started. Includes Structured Workouts. Not for the faint-hearted, this event is for those looking for a challenge, perhaps already conquered their first triathlon or ironman and now looking for something else to push them on. Distances range from 100 meters of swimming, 3 kilometres of cycling and 1km of running to 3800m of swimming, 180km of cycling, and 42.2km of running. https://rinascltabike.com/beginner-triathlon-training-guide The perfect starting point for beginners. For example, once out of the water, there is a section to switch into cycling shoes and find your cycle. Objective of the Program: To give you the tools and personal coaching guidance to successfully complete a Sprint distance Triathlon in … First-timers will soon get hooked on triathlons. ... An exact distance raced against the clock to help find out how fast and well-paced you really swim. This 16 week program is perfect for the absolute beginner triathlete looking to finish their first triathlon! The length of a sprint tri is a perfect entry-level distance, especially for beginners or experienced athletes looking to practice and shakeout their gear. Getting started in triathlon can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. We’re excited to have you join our ranks—so excited, we've gathered all of our beginner triathlon resources. For the purposes of this post for beginners, I will assume you are starting with sprint distance. Take these tips and be sure to use them in your beginner triathlon training! Experienced triathletes returning to the short course will enjoy a break from long, slow hours of training and rediscover the joy of speed. This 16 week training plan is designed to get a beginner triathlete through a standard distance triathlon. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Triathlon is terrifying, it’s confusing, and it’s also pretty great. Besides, you can’t compete if you don’t remember your bike…. Follow our 8 week triathlon training programme. Photo: Getty Images Week 1. While a sprint triathlon is a great distance for a beginner to take part in, there is plenty of room for advanced competition in triathlons even in the sprint distance. Training guide. Follow TriNewbies on Facebook. Many people mistakenly assume that a sprint triathlon is a “beginners” triathlon, but nothing could be further from the truth. Essential triathlon kit. See our guide to the different triathlon distances and times below. Distances vary, but typically the swim portion is about 0.5 miles (750m), the bike is 12.4 miles (20km) and the run is 3.1 miles (5km). Or you race on your road bike with a TT handlebar set? We would recommend a Taster (200m Swim, 5.3km Bike, 2.5km Run) or Novice distance (400m Swim, 10.6km Bike, 2.5km Run). Either way, please let us know in the comments, Leading OEM Carbon Fiber Bike Manufacturer, Headquarter: Plac Konesera 10, 03-736 Warszawa, PolandFactory: No. Find the perfect beginner triathlon race to get you started, and learn how to train for it, with this guide to beginner triathlons. If you are a beginner triathlete, beginner exerciser - even a seasoned veteran, come inside and … Race distance: Olympic Athlete level: Beginner athlete in your first or second year of Olympic distance triathlon competition Hours Per Week: Six to eight This training plan is to be used in conjunction with a Garmin multisport GPS device or devices. Everything You Need to Know About Fat Bike: The Complete Guide 2021, How to Choose a Bike GPS for Cycling: 6 Essential Facts, The Complete Guide To Choose Carbon Fiber Wheels, Factory Guide: How to choose a Chinese carbon bike online without wasting money, Bike Size Chart: The Definitive Guide for Choosing Your Bike Size (2021). There are four main distances for triathlons, starting with the shortest distance, the Sprint Triathlon, all the way to the longest official triathlon, the Ironman. 9A, Huangguotang Road, Shahu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan, China. Beginner-friendly triathlons are ideal for the first-time triathlete as well as those looking to improve. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Sprint triathlon distances include swimming 0.5 miles (750 meter/2,460 feet), cycling 12.4 miles (20 kilometers), and running 3.1 miles (5 kilometers). Beginner triathlons. Beginner Triathlon Training Transition Talk. I found the Beginner Olympic program to be an approachable, easy-to-follow training plan that is appropriate for athletes who are new to triathlon training. What distance should I choose for my first triathlon? If performing more than one discipline on a given day, or including a weights session along with your regular training it’s even more important to consume plenty of protein to repair and rebuild our muscles, along with enough carbohydrates and vegetables to provide us the energy required to actually train and perform everyday tasks! Now what? * View results for 140.6, 70.3, 5i50, Iron Girl and Ironkids triathlon races, course descriptions, top coaches list, news updates, training info and nutrition articles. Sprint distances vary from race to race, but the other distances are consistent with the lengths shown in the table below. Obviously there are different distances involved from sprint triathlon to ironman and ultras. Search for Ironman and half Ironman triathlon races in our Ironman 2018 triathlon distances Race Calendar. Sprint and Olympic triathlons are triathlon’s most popular distances for good reasons. Download your free 16 week beginner Olympic triathlon training plan! Goal: To make your first experience(s) successful so you continue to enjoy and grow with the sport of triathlon. As a triathlon beginner, we recommend starting with a sprint triathlon (generally a 500-meter swim, a 20K bike, and a 5K run), but if you're interested in longer distances you can learn more about what those entail here. So, what are the various triathlon distances? Beginner-friendly triathlons are ideal for the first-time triathlete as well as those looking to improve. We've got your complete guide to crossing the finish line of your first triathlon. Beginner triathlons. Distances range from 100 meters of swimming, 3 kilometres of cycling and 1km of running to 3800m of swimming, 180km of cycling, and 42.2km of running. Throughout each triathlon event, there are set locations to transition into a different gear. Ask Chris: What’s The Best Wetsuit for Beginners? This triathlon distance is especially well-suited for beginners. However, when competing, it’s important to wear the correct gear to decrease transition times, improve comfort, and of course look the part! that come with it. If you’re looking for a new fitness challenge, why not consider training for an Olympic distance triathlon? (Repeat after me: I can do this!) It is not a complex or hugely time consuming The first order of training is to improve your aerobic endurance in all three sports. Train endurance early in your beginner triathlon training program. If you stick to this plan, you should have no problem completing an Olympic distance triathlon. The First Triathlon Training Plan is a free 12-week triathlon training programme to take you from zero to a tri hero! Age-grouper times: if you’re looking for a good time in this format then aim for anything under an hour or around that mark. These include triathlon suits, triathlon cycling shoes, triathlon running shoes, and triathlon helmets. 1. Triathlon is an endurance sport. Beginner Courses 2020/2021. Age group athletes can take probably in between about five and six hours on average. Triathlon helmets are created to be much more aerodynamic than standard cycling helmets. Please find below a 16 week ‘complete’ standard/Olympic distance triathlon training plan to help you prepare for your event. New Year, Healthier You. Beginners' Triathlon Training Schedule. How long is a triathlon? Free Olympic-distance triathlon training plans. Just as safe, triathlon helmets are a must-have for those looking to smash their PB while staying safe. Get 15% Off Membership →, 12 Week Super Simple Sprint Triathlon Training Plan, Totally New to Triathlon? You signed up for your first triathlon! Triathlon shoes often only include one strap instead of two, along with a flimsier heel to speed up transition times. SPRINT TRIATHLON TRAINING PLAN WEEK 3 – Settling in. Please find below a 16 week beginner, sprint distance triathlon training plan to help you prepare for your event. A desert triathlon is just as it sounds, a grueling three discipline event hosted in the desert. Get 15% Off Membership → You did it! The bike leg will typically be … The sprint triathlon is the shortest of the triathlon distances, making for a perfect introduction for beginners to the sport. Learn More about Structured Workouts. Swim: 750 meters (0.46 mile) Bike: 20K (12.4 miles) Run: 5K (3.1 miles) … Length. These events usually consist of a 750m swim in an ocean/lake/river, a 20km bike ride, and finally a 5km run. Consider it an investment, the higher-end helmet you buy the safer you’ll be when you fall. For general training purposes, we recommend using a triathlon bike (a road bike will do fine if not), a high-quality cushioned pair of running shoes, and a standard swimsuit/wet suit. They're typically as short or shorter than 'super sprint' triathlons, and pool-based swims and the transitions give you the chance to catch your breath. Therefore, this incorporates key features from a wet suit, the fit, and comfort of cycling gear, and the non-restrictive nature required while running. … The event will typically take you between eight and 16 hours to complete. Facebook. Begin removing your wetsuit as you’re exiting the swim, pulling it down to your waist while you’re running. There are various distances to help you pick your first triathlon as a beginner triathlete. Triathlon training program for the beginner triathlete offering instruction and tips in the swim, bike and run.

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